4 Early Signs Diabetes to Be Aware Not to Get Worse
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    4 Early Signs Diabetes to Be Aware Not to Get Worse

    Senin, 18 Oktober 2021, Oktober 18, 2021 WIB Last Updated 2021-11-10T09:09:43Z

    Early signs diabetes feet, what are they? Diabetes is one of the dangerous killers in the world. Well, this disease has attacked many people and many of them end up with complications. One of the most terrible effects of diabetes is diabetes feet. 

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    What is it? It is a condition when the blood has been damaged by the excess of glucose. Consequently, when the feet area is injured, the wound is not easily dry or healed. Some surgical treatments may need to be applied including amputation.

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    Of course, no one doesn’t want to be in such a situation. Therefore, acknowledging some early signs of diabetes is very important. At least, you can be much more careful in case you experience some of them. So, what are those signs? 

    Darkened Skin

    If you see your feet area is getting dark while your blood sugar level is high, you must be aware. Yes, it can be a symptom of diabetes feet. The skin that is darkening is caused by insulin resistance. The high production of insulin and its inability to manage glucose stimulate skin activities. Some changes may happen including the change of the skin tone.

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    Pain on the Feet Area

    The skin of the feet is not only getting darker. If it is painful when being touched, it can be another sign of diabetes. The pain is also caused by the insulin resistance mentioned above. Besides, the blood that has been damaged by glucose is also another reason why it feels painful and not comfortable. 

    Thick, Coarse, and Swollen Skin

    When it is touched, the skin is not only painful but the texture is also changed. Yes, it becomes thicker and coarser as well as the feet are also swollen. In the worst condition, the skin can also produce pus. This way, the wound is not only made because your feet are injured. Later, the wound is made naturally by the skin.

    Numb Skin

    Some patients may experience pain when the feet skin is touched. But some others are not. They cannot feel anything when it is touched and it feels numb. Sure, although the feet ‘skin is not painful at all, it is not a better condition. Numb skin may feel really not comfortable as you cannot do activities normally. Therefore, if you are experiencing this condition, don’t wait for it too long. Make sure to go to the doctor immediately to get further treatments of early signs of diabetes feet.